Potential Essay Questions for the First Exam

Potential Essay Questions for the First Exam

  1. Compare and contrast the origins, development, social structure, and labor system of the colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia. Examine in detail how each colony formed, its origins, and evolution. What was the primary motivator behind each colony’s foundation? What changed over time in the colonies? In your opinion, which colony was the most successful? Why?


  1. Trace the origins of the American Revolution beginning from about 1660. What were the major events that caused the break between the American colonies and the mother country? Do you see any events as being critical, in that without them a break might not have occurred? Finally, in your opinion, who was at fault for the separation, the American colonies, Britain, or both? Why?


  1. Discuss the American Revolution, specifically the goals of the American colonists. Why did the Revolution occur? How did it start? How did rebellion become Revolution? Finally, as detailed as possible, how did the 13 Colonies succeed in breaking away from Great Britain? What were the key battles and factors that led to the war being successful?


  1. Examine American politics System from 1787 through approximately 1815. What were the main issues? What problems were discussed with Constitution? How did political parties form? Who their leaders and what were their ideologies. What were the dominant issues that caused fractionalization into parties? How did the War of 1812 end the so-called “First Party System”?



Hey, we have some warning statistics to share with you. Did you know that 45% of students studying in grades 3-12 spend at least one hour on doing their homework every evening; 6.8 average hours of homework that students complete in the US per week; and 38% of students report being stressed because of the overwhelmed learning schedule. This data is shared by the National Center of Education Statistics. The growing amount of homework makes many students wonder how to do homework fast and get the best grades.
If you belong to that 38%, we recommend using online writing services that offer custom solutions to all types of academic homework assignments. This post explains how to do your homework fast. Hope these tips will help and prevent you from failing the project!

  • Why to Do Homework
  • Ways to Do Homework and Avoid Procrastination
  • Hard-Start-then-Jump-to-Easy Approach

Why Is It Important to Know How to Do Your Homework Fast?

The main reason for many students to fail their homework assignments is the transition from elementary/middle school to high school and, later, college.Research papers are more challenging than essays. Coursework projects and term papers are even more difficult. The appliance of new assignments on the list makes many students panic and need urgent homework help.

Let’s recall the story of Theodore Roosevelt who used to end up his freshman year in college with a 3.8 GPA. His schedule looked overloaded.

Ted got up at 4.30 AM for practice in an hour
He would bike to the station to take the train
In 1,5 hours, young Ted was at school, trying not to fall asleep
A bus took off to the pool for night practice
He would clock in roughly twenty hours of training per week.

Yes, after reading this story, an average college student may understand that doing homework today is not that tiring as it used to be. We have more schools today. Some can afford to stay at home thanks to the remote learning. Modern students can count on numerous education tools and custom writing help, unlike their predecessors.

The article shares the time-tested steps to do homework quickly and manage to receive the highest score on a paper. Are the sources reliable? The study includes the recommendations of both famous political figures, celebrities, and professional essay writers.
Before moving on, identify your way of thinking.

focused and diffused thinking

What type of thinking suits you best? You can find some online tests to define your type of thinking as it has a direct impact on the approach to doing homework.

Doing Homework and Avoiding Procrastination

We are here to discuss the ways to solve homework based on the most successful examples shared by the famous, successful people from different epochs. Procrastination along with the writer’s block are the two main reasons why many students fail to catch up with their deadlines and receive good grades. That is your worst nightmare! On the other hand, students get too many assignments for different classes, and it is impossible not to get lost or stuck while working on them.
Doing homework is like fulfilling various tasks you will have in your future work.That is one of the reasons why teachers assign after-class papers. It is a way to:

  • Assess student’s achievements
  • Evaluate writing & research skills
  • Improve the knowledge of a particular essay topic
  • Check English proficiency (grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation)
  • Grade creative approach
  • Learn more about student’s weaknesses, strengths, and habits

Those are good reasons to do your homework. The problem is you may have your schedule filled with other tasks. College students often have part-time jobs, after-class activities, household duties, and meetings with friends. It may prevent you from catching up with every single task. We are ready to share the best recommendations shared by the top college professors and academic writers. Learn how to finish your homework fast!

Practical Tips from Experts

Don’t stop the music
While writing an essay, a student may have their favorite music playing in the background, but it should be a relaxing or classical one. It is better to choose tracks without lyrics not to get distracted. Experts recommend avoiding loud heavy music during the work other tunes can trigger one’s memory.

Turn off the Wi-Fi but leave the phone on
Did you know that you may use your digital device to your advantage? Plenty of tools oriented toward education exist. They are available for Android, iOS, and other operating systems. Here are some of the most effective mobile apps to help with your school or college assignments: EverNote, iStudiez, Quizlet Go, ToDoIst, XMind, My Study Life, Exam Countdown Lite, Flashcards+, Scanner Pro, and Wolfram Alpha. Some of these apps are totally free. Others offer paid premium accounts to get more useful features.

Try online writing help from experts
At one of the best essay writing services, every student can send a “do my homework” request and get extra fast help. The prices are affordable! You just need to fill out the order form specifying the details of your assignment and watch the assigned expert working on the paper.

Find a study buddy
It is boring to spend the entire evening alone trying to solve the complex math problems or write another essay for your literature class. How about meeting with friends? You can get your classmates together and study in a group – such practice multiplies the result and speeds up the process.

Set an alarm
Once you are done with the detailed study schedule, you have to use one of the digital alarms or organizers to remind you what to do. Combine this step with the next one.

Self-Reward system

No matter whether you prefer eating cookies, watching a favorite TV show, or playing soccer with your fellows, think about several rewards you get once done with the specific homework assignment. Example: Each time you are done with another math problem, eat a cookie.

Start with the least favorite assignment
Think about the work that requires most of the efforts and the work that is the simplest one. Those are the basic questions to answer if you wish to catch up with all academic deadlines and impress your teacher. Analyze the to-do-list. Start with tasks like coursework or term paper as soon as you receive them.

Manage the study space
Remove the things you do not need and the distractive factors from your study space/table. What about the location? It is a good practice to change the study locations from time to time, like moving to the closest coffee shop, college library, your best pal’s apartment, etc.
Those are the basic tips on doing tasks quickly. Explore one more effective method in the section below.

Hard-Start-then-Jump-to-Easy Approach

What if you need to do homework really fast having a writing assignment? There are several tips that will help with your writing tasks.

  • Check the prompt to define the most difficult research questions or problems to begin with solving the hardest issues;
  • Being stuck for more than a minute? It is not a big deal – switch to the simpler problem and get back to the difficult questions once you are done with the easier ones;
  • Take notes in class: even if you do not need some of them later, this process will allow remembering the discussed information by heart and use it later;
  • Put down the problem and the answer first. Why is it useful? Such action will help to facilitate after-class education as if you do not know the way to solve the issue or write a paper, you can work backward from the answer;
  • Start doing homework in class. Why would you wait for the end of a school or college day? The material is fresh in your mind while still in class, and you can benefit from it by start writing down the opening lines of the essay or research paper directly in class;
  • Know the grading rubric and re-read prompt twice.

Specify the things you do not understand from your teacher like the structure, particular terms, deadline, or essay format. Send “do my homework” request to online experts if you have any troubles.

Tip on how to annotate the sources

If doing homework is still not a piece of cake, you should find reliable support. What about having a trustworthy homework helper, tutor, and academic writer in one face without any need to leave your home? Let our team of experts do your homework in a blink of your eye! Take a few minutes to write down the requirements, and receive the top-quality academic content before the deadline!


There are 3 types of people who may need a good business plan:

  • Young entrepreneurs who plan to deal with startups
  • Established companies seeking help
  • BBA/MBA students

No matter whether you are getting the funding to support your business from friends and family members, you need a business plan. It can be narrow or broad, short or long. The point is that just like you need an essay outline when you do your homework, the same way you need a business plan to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the process. Our expert writing service can help with part of your writing if you fill out the order form specifying which type of help you need.

Why should students who study business administration learn how to handle this type of academic assignment? If you do not plan to launch a business, it may still be useful. Life is all about planning; knowing how to write a business plan will let you solve any types of problems easily.

  • What is a Business Plan?
  • Rules of Writing a Business Plan
  • Business Plan Outline
  • Topics for Your Business Plan
  • Business Plan Template and Example

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a written description of the future of your business. This document shows what a potential business owner plans to do and the ways to achieve their goals. The investment-seeking entrepreneurs need this document written at the highest level. The integral elements of this document are:

  • Business concept: the industry, structure, product/service, vision & mission
  • Marketplace choice: Target audience, competitors
  • Financial section: income + cash flow statements, balance sheet
  • Other financial ratios

For the last point, it might be better to hire an experienced accountant, business essay writer, or expert in finance to get the exact numbers. The plan should be realistic!
A business plan has as many chapters as a PhD dissertation. Most of those chapters have many subheadings, and it may take a while to complete the
business plan alone. Its implementation will take even longer, so do not bother! What you need to take care of as a potential entrepreneur are your business and marketing plans along with the initial investments.

The Role of Business Plan in Your Career

It is impossible to accomplish your major goals without a business plan. It is a powerful fundraising tool. It serves to hire people, operating the business, projecting expenses and revenues, and other things that are integral components of any successful business. A business plan will help to raise all the money you need.

Investors want to see an organized, long-term plan that can be implemented in real life. What they DON’T want to see is a hot-headed young entrepreneur talking about dreams without having specific statistics on hands. The prospects need to see exact calculations. No matter how well you talk and describe the business of your dream, no-one will risk dealing with a young entrepreneur who does not even have a plan. You may think that your expenses will be covered in the next year while the experts could see the pitfalls that will not let it work in 3 or more years. You should combine a personal plan with what experts recommend.

Once again, it is essential to have a robust business plan along with a presentation and speech to attract investors. Saying, “We want 100 clients by the end of year 1” is ridiculous. A good strategy includes all of the following:

  • Value proposition
  • Marketing assumptions
  • Operations plan
  • Finances
  • Personnel

That is the overall picture.

money tree

A potential business owner has to know the objectives before launching a company. A good plan will help predict the future. It will determine whether the chosen field of an industry will be in high demand over time and give hints of what will be trendy.

3 Main Rules of Writing a Business Plan

The most successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have invented the formula for the working business plan. Stick to these simple rules to succeed.

It should be brief
Many people try to make a business plan made of 100 or more pages. In reality, 100 pages is the limit. For best impact, make a simple 40-page document. The potential investors will be bored to sleep by reading a 100 page plan.
Remember that an extended business plan is a big hassle to cope with, and it will be removed in the dust for ages if it does not make any sense.

When choosing a good or service to sell, think about the problems it solves. Will it be useful for the community? If you develop something that only you and a narrow group of people might use, you risk failing from the start.

Target the audience
You may be a graduate of an MBA program or expert in business terminology, but do not think that all potential investors will understand the ambiguous terms. It is better to avoid slang and foreign words as well. Make your language simple as you never know who will receive and read your business or marketing plan. If you plan to launch a business in a narrow field where you cannot avoid special terms (like nursing or computer science), dedicate some time to explaining the terms you use. Accommodate your investors. Use simple language and vivid examples to explain professional terms, idioms and foreign words.

Never be intimidated in your plan
Most entrepreneurs are not business experts. Only a small part of these people have corresponding degrees or certificates from business administration programs. If you know a lot about the target business, it is okay to share your skills. Talk about some successful examples to inspire the potential investors. If you know nothing or little about the selected field of study or industry, do not lie to the reader because they will refuse to invest in your project.

Working on a Business Plan Outline

One more critical question is length. Most people believe a business plan should be as long as a dissertation, but it is wrong. Just like college or university professors do not want to spend their time reading endless term papers or coursework projects, the potential investors will not read your plan unless it is something around 20 pages. They may pay attention to the idea, but they will not make it to the end. This way, they risk missing the important points, and it will be hard to prove your truth if something goes wrong. In rare situations, a document can be more than 100 pages – it depends on the complexity of idea.

opened book, pen, cup of coffe on the table

The goal of the plan defines its length. If you wish to introduce an original idea from the marketing aspect, you may remove the financial section or postpone the work on it to the last minute. If a business plan is part of your accounting class, you should attach an Excel file with all necessary calculations. Interpret the numbers in the last section of a project. People who are not good at finances will not understand the complex formulas & figures.

The young entrepreneurs who plan to deal with startups may be confused without having the explanations of each financial statement or complex terms, so that is what we are talking about. Add a glossary of terms along with the explained numbers.

The outline is different from other types of academic assignments. It is not an essay where it is enough to include an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and bibliography to get an A. The structure is more complicated. The format is free. Here is how a business plan outline should look:

  • Executive summary
  • Detailed product/service description
  • Marketing strategies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Design + Research & Development (R&D) plan
  • Operational and management plan
  • Finances

If you do not plan to go into details and provide numbers and financial forecasts, develop a mini plan to introduce the general idea. A working plan requires all of the sections mentioned above. Be ready to have a plan in Word, PDF, and Excel.Except for the main content and calculations, it is a good idea to prepare a presentation with a powerful speech to impress the potential investors. That would be the presentation plan where you mention the most critical points. The last type of plan is the electronic one for those who plan to present their ideas remotely.

7 Major Components of Your Project

This chapter describes each of the essential business plan sections in details. The examples are attached in this post to let you understand the concept better.

I Executive Summary
It is a brief overview of the service or product one plans to sell, and the main goal of this section is to grab audience’s attention. Experts recommend writing this chapter after writing the rest of the project. It contains these elements:

  • Business name/title & location
  • Products and/or services offered
  • Mission (what you are doing now) + vision statements (what you plan to achieve in the future)
  • The specific objective (to secure investors, offer implementation, share forecasts, etc.)

II Company Description
The point is to describe who you are. Include the operational process and objectives. This chapter must have:

  • The legal structure like corporation, limited liability company, or else
  • A background information like history + the demands you want to supply
  • A review of of products/services, clients, and suppliers
  • Potential company growth with financial/market highlights
  • A summary of short- and long-term purposes

III Products and Services
It is important to explain what and why you offer. Which net revenue do you hope to receive? Images and other visual elements will help to discuss:

  • The way customers will benefit from using what you offer
  • The market role of your product/service
  • Advantages over competitors
  • Life cycle
  • Copyright and other secret information
  • R&D activities

IV Market analysis
Demonstrate that you are well-aware of the chosen market. Conduct in-depth marketing research. Here are the components to include in this section:

  • Customer segments (target audience)
  • An industry description (facts + statistics)
  • An assessment of rivals (based on the SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)

V Strategy and Implementation:
Include a sales & marketing strategy. Explain how you are going to implement them. Make sure you have these features in this part:

  • Promotion strategies
  • Costs, pricing, promotions, & distribution
  • The operations cycle step-by-step
  • Human resource details
  • Working facilities

VI Organization and Management
Share an organizational structure. Who’s the boss? Check if you added:

  • An organizational chart (departments, duties, personnel hierarchy)
  • Information about owners and shareholders
  • List of the management team members
  • List of your business advisors

VII Financial plan
We do not recommend working on this part alone. Unless you are an accountant, it is better to hire an expert. Together, you should come up with:

  • Historical financial data
  • Predicted financial information: income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, & capital expenditure budgets for something around 5 years
  • End up with a ratio and trend analysis for all statements

The Hottest Topics for Your Business Plan

It seems evident that a business plan topic is predetermined by your chosen type of business. To stay original, avoid titling your plan the same way the industry is called. Do not name it after the product. Example: A title like “A New Restaurant,” “Chocolate Production,” “Furniture,” “Writing Service,” “Tourism” will not grab an eye of the potential partners. Come up with an original heading that would catch an eye of the reader – potential investor. We divided this section into two parts: the one offering specific ideas to discuss in any plan and another suggesting the original titles for your work. We should start with the first one.

  • Explain the current/future market trends & challenges that consumers face
  • Problems your product/service will solve, its capabilities and value derived by finding a solution to every issue
  • Gap analysis to define the differences between where the organization is now and where it could potentially be
  • Describe the current & potential competitors
  • Identify the addressable market opportunity (market size, customer profiles, and solution buying patterns).
  • Describe the sales model for your business
  • Determine the timelines for your solution & market growth
  • Interpret the financial summary made of revenue evaluation, EBITDA, free cash flow, and net present value (NPV)

Make sure to include these topics. You may come up with an original title for each chapter. If you do not want to waste time on that, provide the business plan with the original main heading like one of these:

popular brands logos

  • Bed & Breakfast Hotel to Satisfy Both Needs
  • Spa Health Club a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  • Hair & Beauty Salon: For Creative ideas and New Life
  • Night Club Crazy Marilyn to Make You Feel Like Marilyn Manson
  • Equipment Rental Sales New England – Feel like in London No Matter Where You Are
  • Home Interior WOW! Let Any Crazy Idea Come True
  • Wedding Consultant That Used to Work with Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
  • Child Care Powerpuff Girls: We Help to Raise Your Little Superheroes
  • Sailor Moon Reading Club – Let It Feel like 100% Anime Style
  • Feel the Power in Your Hands with New Credit Union Club

The main idea is to be in trend. Search for the brilliant ideas on the web. Relate your business to some movie, celebrities, piece of art, or another currently discussed topic.

9 Major Financial Formulas

9 financial formulas

Business Plan Template and Example

We have prepared a surprise! The best way to learn how to create something is to have an example in front of your eyes. We researched our database of papers to find a business plan template and example for you. Hopefully, they will help.

Essay Writing Advice From Our Professional Team

The greatest mistake of any young entrepreneur is to underestimate the role of time and resources availability while working on a business plan. Are you part of a big company? It does not mean you will skip the essential stages and achieve the goals like purchasing supplies and writing the checks much faster. Do not be too optimistic with time & resources. realistic behavior and accurate assumptions will add credibility to both your company presentation and professional image. Not to get disappointed, assume that things will take 15% longer than you expected (example: 20 weeks turn into 23 weeks etc.)


12 English Punctuation Marks and Their Uses

Let’s face it; punctuation saves lives. There’s a massive difference between “Let’s eat, grandpa” and “Let’s eat grandpa.” Punctuation creates sense in writing. Some of it comes as second nature, some of it tends to get misused (like commas). This blog will teach you how to use punctuation to prevent more grandpas from being eaten.

To define punctuation: it is a technical tool used to separate sentences, highlightcertain elements and clarify meaning. Mastering punctuation marks will help you master written English, making all of your writing entirely legit.

Our professional writing team at Timely Essays is well-versed in grammar and syntax, so use them for any and all editing assistance.

  • Full Stop
  • Question Mark
  • Exclamation Mark
  • Comma
  • Semicolon
  • Colon
  • Parentheses
  • Hyphen
  • En Dash
  • Em Dash
  • Double quotation marks
  • Single quotation marks

Without further ado, here’s a list of punctuation marks and symbols that we will discuss in this article.

  • Full stop
  • Question mark
  • Exclamation mark
  • Comma
  • Semicolon
  • Colon
  • Parentheses
  • Hyphen
  • En dash
  • Em dash
  • Double quotation marks
  • Single quotation marks

full stop

Full Stop (Period in American English)

Of all the English punctuation marks, the full stop is second nature. Full stops tell the reader “this is where the sentence ends.” A full stop does not elevate the content of a sentence in any way; it merely signals completion.

Example: Paris is a beautiful city.

question mark

Question Mark

If the sentence is a direct question, it will have a question mark at the end. But ONLY if it’s a direct question.

Example: Are you feeling hungry?

If the sentence is a reported question, it does not need a question mark.

Example: She asked if I was feeling hungry.

If the sentence is a request phrased as a question it does not need a question mark.

Example: Would you please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts.

If the sentence is super long (like the ones asked by reporters), it needs a question mark.

Example: Is it true that plastic and metal pollution has been the biggest threat to sea life and has fueled rising sea levels causing the death of hundreds of thousands of marine animals annually?

Question marks can also appear inside sentences. This is often due to a quote or an author’s comment in brackets (see Brackets).

Example: “What am I doing here?” Harry asked.
Example: I enjoyed that movie by Christopher Nolan (or was it Michael Bay?)

The Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Mark

The exclamation mark is used to emphasizedramatizeexpress feelings of astonishmentexcitement, or signal urgency; it is the most emotional of all punctuation marks. Using an exclamation mark in your essay title will definitely make it attention-grabbing.

Example: Quick! Get to the chopper!

It is often used in sarcasm; when the person means the opposite of what they’re saying.

Example: Fixing a flat tire with scotch tape. Very clever, Shawn!

The exclamation mark can also be mixed with the question mark for a heightened sense of surprise. This is usually done in informal settings.

Example: Linda and Davis have a child!?

Since we’re living in a digital world, things tend to get dramatized very easily in SMS, chats, and social media. Putting a few extra exclamation marks at the end of a sentence is a regular practice for extra emphasis. Keep in mind that in professional settings, this could be regarded as a sign of illiteracy.

Example: I told you a million times, I am not a Hippie!!!

The Comma


The comma is a complicated punctuation sign because of its many grammatical, mechanical, and stylistic uses. To keep this entry brief, we have dedicated a separate blog post to it. Head there for a detailed description of the comma and all its uses.

In brief, a comma is a tool used to separate elements in a sentence. Using a comma creates a slight pause or a break between two sentence fragments. The importance of separating sentences with commas can be seen in the example below:

No comma: It’s time to eat kids!
With comma: It’s time to eat, kids!

Here are some more common uses of the comma:

Stacking adjectives in a sentence.

Example: She is a sharp, punctual woman.

Making a list of items.

Example: To film this scene we need lights, props, stabilizers, and a tripod.

Separating the name of the city from the country.

Example: He was born in Berlin, Germany.

Directly quoting someone.
To quote Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

The Semi Colon


Semicolons can be used instead of conjunctions (and, but, if, yet) to separate two independent but related clauses in a long sentence.

Example: I gave Mark my guitar to fix, and he said he’ll have it done by Thursday.

The conjunction and can be eliminated in favor of a semicolon.

Example: I gave Mark my guitar to fix; he said he’ll have it done by Thursday.

Using the semicolon instead of conjunction improves this sentence by making it easier to read.

Similarly, commas can combine two short sentences for the same effect. This can only be done if both sentences are related; if they make the same point.

Example: Daphne has a big presentation tomorrow. She can’t hang out tonight.

These two sentences are similar; they both signify that Daphne is staying home. This is a great place to put a semicolon instead of a full stop.

Example: Daphne has a big presentation tomorrow; she can’t hang out tonight.

Semicolons can also separate items that contain commas in a list.

Example: I studied in Phoenix, Arizona; Atlanta, Georgia; and Los Angeles, California.

The Colon


The colon punctuation mark usually introduces a list.

Example: Your daughter must take the following required courses: digital media marketing, investigative journalism, and film studies.

If the writer does NOT introduce a list, use commas instead.

Example: Your daughter must take digital media marketing, investigative journalism, and film studies as these are all required courses.

Writers also use the colon between two independent clauses, when the second clause illustrates the first.

Example: My fellow Imperials: think not what the Empire can do for you—but what you can do for the Empire!

Lastly, colons are an excellent tool for emphasizing the ending of a sentence. Using the em dash is also correct in this case.

Example: Three weeks in a mansion by the seaside, an easy summer job, all the beautiful girls in the world: this will be the best summer ever.



Writers use parentheses to provide clarification or insert an afterthought into a sentence. It can be a word, a phrase, or a couple of sentences, depending on the author’s intentions.

Example: Pop music is all the same to me (not that I have anything against it).

The writing inside the parentheses does not in any way affect the grammar of the sentence. Many writers often make this mistake. The trick is just to read your sentence without the parentheses to see if it makes sense.

Correct: Drake (and his manager) ate pizza at the local pizzeria.
Incorrect: Drake (and his manager) were invited to eat pizza in the local pizzeria.

The Hyphen


The primary function of a hyphen is to create compound words. These are terms with more than one word representing a single item or idea.

There are Open Compound Words (living room, coffee mug), Closed Compound Words (notebook, baseball), and Hyphenated Compound Words (long-term, nickel-and-dime, Spider-Man).

A hyphen also separates numbers written in words.

Example: My dog is fifty-nine in dog years.

the en dash

En dash

The en dash is often confused with the Hyphen and the em dash punctuation signs.

Most frequently it is used to represent a range of numbers, distance, or a relationship. This may sound a bit confusing, so let’s take a look at examples.

A range of numbers represented by the en dash could be dates, time, or years. In the example below, the en dash substitutes the word through.

Example: Your homework is to read chapters 4–6.

In the next example, the en dash is used to show the scores of a football match.

Example: Liverpool beat Manchester City 2–0.

The relationship signified by the en dash can be conflict, connection, or distance.

Conflict: The American Civil War started from the north–south slavery debate.
Connection/ distance: The Berlin–New York flight.

Em dash Copy

Em dash

The em dash is more commonly used within sentences. It is very versatile, allowing writers to use it instead of commas, colons, and parentheses. The general idea is to make an interruption within the sentence for a specific effect (depending on the context)

Example (Em dash instead of comma): When Mark gave me back my guitar—two weeks after I asked him to—it was all greasy and scratched.

Similarly, em dashes can be used instead of colons and parentheses as demonstrated in the examples below.

Example (Em dash instead of colon): Three weeks in a mansion by the seaside, an easy summer job, all the beautiful girls in the world—this will be the best summer ever.

Example (Em dash instead of parentheses): Pop music is all the same to me—not that I have anything against it.

Em dash Copy

Double Quotation Marks

Quotation marks have a straightforward purpose. They signify that the following sentence is a quote.

“I can’t believe you’re late to class again,” Miss Dolores said.

Any other use of quotation marks is plain wrong. Using quotation marks for emphasis is a “huge error”, especially when you have italics for that very purpose. It’s Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, not “Pulp Fiction.”

Single Quotation mark

Single Quotation Marks

Single quotation marks are a simple grammatical sign.

They show possession: Is that Jake’s bike?

They also show contractions (we have those covered in a separate blog): You’re a hilarious guy, you know that?

Single quotation marks are also used when someone is quoting someone else in a sentence: “Miss Dolores told you a million times, ‘Don’t be late to class,’” Mom said.

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If you have been given a literature critique, there are some essential sections to include. That is why we have put together a handy guide on writing book reviews, so you don’t fall down any problematic pitfalls. Included are some book review examples to see how the experts do it. Get some inspiration using our book review examples or order custom solutions to academic problems from the professional essay writing team.

We sometimes reveal how ignorant or bored we were when we read a book by giving it 5-stars.
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

What is a Book Review?

Defining a book review would sound this way: an in-depth insight into a piece of literature by way of analysis and evaluation. Describe, give opinions, and back it up with evidence from the book.
Let’s move onto how to outline your work!

How to Get Started with the Writing

Here is an infographic to illustrate how to structure a book review:

book review outline

Book Review Structure


Starting with the title, it can be something interesting and possibly a joke about the book but be careful with humor. Not everybody finds the same things funny. If in need of some help, have a look at a free blog.
Try to open with something inspiring like a fact or a catchy quote that intrigues the reader to continue. Check out this free blog on writing hook sentences to find more info. Introduce the work with all the important details:

  1. Author’s name
  2. Title
  3. Publisher
  4. Date published
  5. Pages

Depending on the audience of the review, it can include price, ISBN, number of pages, and any special features. Provide some interesting background. There could be some details about the author that is not common knowledge or some trivia in the making of the literature shared by the curious paparazzi.

If suitable, write a tentative thesis of the review in intro. Include a thesis statement of the entire book (1-2 sentences long) if it is appropriate and can add to the introduction of the critique. Before moving onto the body, it can be beneficial to include a table of contents. This illustrates the different sections of the literature to visually represent how the storyline develops chronologically or by different parts.

Main body

Organize every idea to prove into paragraphs and focus on just one argument at one time. How you structure the different points is entirely up to you. Structure this type of academic paper into different themes, chronologically, or some other way that represents the literature. You decide what is vital: use evidence to support every argument. Try not to use many quotations within the text but provide the specific page number in parenthesis when used. Compared to other pieces of literature keep this as brief as possible, this will maintain the book being reviewed in the spotlight without losing attention.
It is important to hold back on any conclusions at this point.


You can start by restating your thesis (if stated earlier) or a thought that reflects upon the literature. Do not introduce any new evidence here. Suggesting ideas related to the thesis and going beyond the book itself are acceptable. Check the balance between the strengths and weaknesses of the work that come together to prove the thesis and the general evaluation. Here you can put down any recommendations and suggestions. Try to finish with some interesting statement or even a question to keep on challenging the reader, so the audience will take this away with them and will be their last thought on the review. If you need any more help on writing a conclusion, check out this free blog.

Top Tips for a Book Review

Here we have put together some helpful ideas when writing book reviews:

tips on how to write a book review

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Which Format Shall I Use?

It depends on what your college professor or director advises you as a suggestion, but it is important to adhere to your chosen format. The most popular and what we suggest is APA format as not only beneficial for a book review but other works like research paper writing. Here is a comprehensive free guide for more detailed info on APA format.

Some key features of APA writing style:

  • Use standard A4 paper.
  • Have 1-inch margins all the way around for the top, bottom, and sides.
  • The opening word of every paragraph should be indented.
  • APA recommends Times New Roman font in size 12 pt.
  • The whole piece of work should be double-spaced.
  • Include a “running head” which is basically a header with the title at the top of every page. On the rest of the pages, it is a Head.
  • The main sections of an APA formatted paper are in this order; Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References.

Book Review Examples

So here are some extracts of professionally acclaimed and well-known critiques to get some ideas:

The author is Michael Pollan, the book is titled “How to change your mind – What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence.”
The critique is written by Tom Bissell and is a New York Times book review, here is the thought-provoking concluding paragraph:

“Human consciousness is one of the greatest puzzles of existence, and will remain this way, no matter what psychedelic enthusiasts might promise. In that sense, it doesn’t matter whether the doorway to heaven is in the dirt, among the fungi, or whether psychedelic visions are merely the churn of a poisoned brain. That’s the problem with psychedelics. They’re hard to talk about without sounding like an aspiring guru or credulous dolt. Michael Pollan, somehow predictably, does the impossible. He makes losing your mind sound like the sanest thing a person could do.”

It’s great to get some inspiration from famous critiques on book review sites, but it is far better to write something original rather than copy or re-word their reviews. Plagiarism is a serious rule break – don’t play with the fire! Order a custom-made book review from the professional academic writing service, and rest assured that it will be 100% unique!

One More Book Review

Here we have another New York Times book review for the classic “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling. The article is written by Mary Jo Murphy. It talks about the staying power of the classic from 1894.
Here is an abstract from the Jungle book review introduction:

“You don’t have to agree with George Orwell to wonder about Hollywood’s long love affair with Rudyard Kipling. “A jingo imperialist,” “morally insensitive,” “aesthetically disgusting” and possessing “a definite strain of sadism” were among Orwell’s descriptions of him. “The Jungle Book,” whose stars are mostly animals, is at least somewhat inoculated against not only Kipling’s harshest critics but the range of views about him that have emerged over the last century.”

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