Early Childhood Education and It How It Affects American Life

Length: 4 full pages 12 pt. font
The essay has three objectives: First, you must take a single snapshot representing some aspect of American life. You MUST take your own picture using a camera and you MUST submit a copy of your picture (in color) when you turn in your essay. Secondly, you need to describe your picture; you cannot simply mention it once and then ignore it – this is, above all, a descriptive essay. Thirdly, you must explain how your essay is representative of American life.
You need to be able to describe the picture in detail – use all five senses so that your reader can really understand the scene you are portraying. Your essay needs to have a THESIS statement in your introduction. Your thesis for this essay will be one sentence stating how your picture represents American life. Each paragraph you write should describe some aspect of your picture and develop how that description is representative of American Life.

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