leadership unit 3

For the Unit III Case Study, you will read the article below and answer the instructions that follow.




In order to access the following resource, click the link below:




Schindler, J. H., & Rogers, S. (2016). Diversity, inclusion, and followership. In R. Koonce, M. C. Bligh, M. K. Carsten, & M.







Hurwitz (Eds.), Followership in action: Cases and commentaries (pp. 83–90). Retrieved from

















In a minimum of two pages (not counting the title and reference pages), address how you would respond to the following








1. Do you believe Carl is aware that he is a follower as well as the first shift supervisor? If you were the vice president (VP)




of operations, how would you ensure that Carl understands what needs to be done to improve morale on the first shift?




2. If you were the VP of finance, and you were aware that the company should hire a more diverse workforce at various




levels of the organization, including supervisory positions, what could you do in a short-term period of time to remedy the




situation? What could you do in a long-term period of time? Develop a plan for each.




3. If you were the CEO of the Jamson Manufacturing Company, how would you begin to create an atmosphere where all




workers feel that they are accountable yet valued and appreciated in a way that supports organizational growth and








Please note: Although there are six questions at the end of the article, you only need to address those listed above.




Format your case study using APA format. Make certain to cite and reference the case study and any additional resources




that are used in your response.



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