2500 words assignment–Organizational Wellness

Assessment tasks

Assessment task title: Assessment task 1: Individual essay
Due Date: Week 6
Weighting/Value: 25%
Details of Task: “While the media often paints a picture of Millennials as focused on kudos from bosses and the social responsibility of their companies, our study found young employees also concerned with fair pay, a say in decisions and competent leaders” (Great Places to Work, 2017 – http://www.greatplacetowork.com.au/best-companies/best-places-to-work-in-australia-100-or-more-employees).

Write an essay reviewing generational differences in work values. There will be two parts to this essay.

Part A

2000 words

Write a review of the literature on generational differences in work values. There will be recommended readings provided in class.
Part B
500 words
Self-reflection (written in first person):
Do you agree that organisations should design their wellness initiatives around the needs of particular generations? Based on your discussion in Part A write a short reflection (500 words) on your own perception of the requirement to identify particular generational needs when designing wellness initiatives. This may come from your own work experiences, or you may interview family/friends and seek their views from their work experiences.

And 10 references.
Release date: N/A
Word limit:  2500
Presentation requirements: The assignment must be submitted by 4pm on the Friday of week 6.
Estimated return date: Marked assignment will be returned to students during class in week 8.
Hurdle requirements: N/A
Criteria for marking: The faculty marking rubric is available at: http://www.buseco.monash.edu.au/esg/agu/policies/assessment.html
Learning objectives assessed: This assessment is designed to test your achievement of Objectives 1 and 3.
Submission details: Further assignment submission details will be provided on the Unit’s Moodle site and in the Lectures and Tutorial.
Penalties for late lodgement: A maximum penalty of 10% of the total mark allocated to this assessment will be deducted for each day that it is late. Students should note that a weekend is two days and will be treated as such when penalties are calculated. After 10 days, late assignments will be accepted but will not be given a mark.
Assessment coversheet: Work submitted for assessment MUST be accompanied by a completed and signed assessment coversheet, available at: https://business.monash.edu/students/admin-information/application-forms. In the case of group assessment, each member of the group must complete and sign a separate assessment coversheet.
Additional information: N/A


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