U7D1-12 & S1-Collective Identity


Use the Griswold text, Cultures and Societies in a Changing World, to complete the following:

• Read “Identities, Problems, and Movements,” pages 99–117.


Complete the following research in preparation for this unit’s discussions:

• Use the Resource library, the Internet, and other resources available to you to locate at least three

resources (these do not need to be peer reviewed, but should be credible) that address issues of

collective identity and, if possible, how it is formed. You will use this information in the Collective

Identity discussion please make sure to include the DOI links or the attachments of the resources with this discussion.


Reference your reading and the resources you located earlier in this unit’s study to address the following

discussion questions:

• How is collective identity formed?

• How should trust be established in public settings?

• How can we encourage collective identity?

• What lessons about establishing trust and embracing multiculturalism in public participation situations

should public administrators take from these examples?

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