U7D2-12 & S1-Solving Social Problems



Use the Griswold text, Cultures and Societies in a Changing World, to complete the following:

• Read “Identities, Problems, and Movements,” pages 99–117.


Complete the following research in preparation for this unit’s discussions:

• Use the Resource library, the Internet, and other resources available to you to locate at least three

resources (these do not need to be peer reviewed, but should be credible) that address issues of

collective identity and, if possible, how it is formed. You will use this information in the Collective

Identity discussion later in this unit, make sure to list and include your DOI links to all three resouces as well as attached for later discussions.

Resources & Instructions

Griswold, “Identities, Problems, and Movements.

The easy problems in society are typically solved quickly and often behind the scenes. We, the public, are

often not aware of the actions or consequences of the decisions that have been made unless those decisions

affect us directly. The tough social problems, though, are the ones that grace the editorial pages, political

debates, radio airwaves, and blogs. These problems are the tough ones because they are complex and often

emotionally charged. Implementing solutions to one problem may well create new problems.

Using Griswold’s definition of a social problem, identify two social problems that exhibit issues of collective

identity in a community or society with which you are familiar. What solutions can you identify that exemplify

the positive application of multiculturalism and collective identity to solve these problems?

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