estimating construction drawings

I need to estimate part of the capstone project, I should have to spread sheets. One is for the take off sheet and the other one for the cost sheet. My part is to estimate the following: DIVISION 08 – OPENINGS Section 081113 Hollow Metal Doors and Frames Section 081416 Flush Wood Doors Section 083113 Access Doors and Frames Section 083316 Overhead Coiling Grilles Section 083700 Canopy Tilt-up Doors Section 084113 Aluminum-Framed Entrances and Storefronts Section 084126 All-Glass Entrances and Storefronts Section 084413 Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls Section 087100 Door Hardware Section 087113 Automatic Door Operators Section 088000 Glazing Section 088300 Mirrors DIVISION 10 – SPECIALTIES Section 101100 Visual Display Surfaces Section 101400 Signage Section 101419 Dimensional Letter Signage Section 101426 Post and Panel/Pylon Signage Section 102113 Toilet Compartments Section 102226 Sliding Partition Section 102238 Operable Glass-Panel Partitions Section 102600 Wall and Door Protection Section 102800 Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Accessories Section 103100 Manufactured Fireplaces Section 104413 Fire Extinguisher Cabinets Section 104416 Fire Extinguishers Section 106500 Automatic Vertically Folding Acoustical Walls DIVISION 11 EQUIPMENT Section 111320 Projection Screens DIVISION 12 FURNISHINGS Section 122413 Roller Window Shades Section 129300 Site Furnishings

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