Incident Response Team (IRT) Policies

Incident Response Team (IRT) Policies


Read the following Scenario:

You work for a large, private health care organization that has server, mainframe, and RSA user access. Sean, your manager, has been asked to provide the latest version of the organization’s incident response policy. To his knowledge, no policy exists. He has asked you to research and create an incident response policy over the weekend.

Discussion Requirements

  • Look for at least two incident response policies for organizations of a similar type to your organization. In addition, download NIST “Computer Security Incident Handling Guide, rev2” SP800-61 located at
  • Based on your research, discuss an initial draft of an incident response policy for your organization. Consider HIPAA and other health care-related compliance requirements.
  • Be sure to justify the content you included in the draft policy.
  • Reference your research

Article writing

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the Learning Resources related to transitions, paragraph development, and the MEAL plan.
  • Review your three paraphrased main ideas from the Week 3 Assignment with the MEAL plan model in mind.

The Assignment:

Revise the three paraphrased main points from the Week 3 Assignment to align with MEAL plan guidelines.

To do so, separate each main point into its own paragraph. Add a topic sentence (the M in the MEAL plan), and add 2–3 sentences per paraphrased main point to create connection between the ideas. Be sure to review your Week 2 Assignment where you created a rationale for selecting each main point. That particular Assignment may help guide you in creating transitional phrases for better flow.

Use the following questions to guide the writing of your paragraphs:

  • Does each paragraph begin with a clearly stated topic sentence?
  • Does each paragraph include a paraphrased main point?
  • Does each paragraph incorporate transitional phrases to flow from one idea to the next?

Submit your Assignment using the Walden Course Paper template. Your submission should be 3 paragraphs long.

Note: Applications that are submitted without using the Walden Course Paper template will not be reviewed by your Instructo

Information System 2 Page

Telecommunications and Network Security: Project Documentation The Acme Corporation is a new startup that wishes to sale their new phone to the public called Acmephone, a more secure version of the pho

Telecommunications and Network Security: Project Documentation

The Acme Corporation is a new startup that wishes to sale their new phone to the public called Acmephone, a more secure version of the phone to business organizations, called the Acmephone B+, and highly secure version of the phone, called the Acmephone G+, to the government. Due to the fear of corporate espionage and government security requirements, there are many security concerns that must be addressed.  As a security professional, you have been employed to design a network infrastructure for their two campuses located in Atlanta and Cincinnati based upon the following specifications:

1.      There needs to be a constant connection between the two locations that can carry at least 50 Mbps of data.

2.      Each facility has three floors. The buildings are rectangular with each floor being 350’x350’.

3.      There will be 200 network connections on each floor with an additional 100 network connections in the data centers located on the third floor of each building.

4.      The primary data center will be located at the Atlanta location.

5.      There will be a failover data center at the Cincinnati location.

6.      Each location should be protected from intrusions that are not limited to state change attacks.

7.      The Atlanta location will house the two secure development teams. As such, it will need the most security. To further complicate the design, there will be database servers and the corporate Web servers housed at that location as well.

8.      There will be database servers located at the Cincinnati site.

9.      The servers must have redundancy.

10.  The solution must have a plan to verify security measures.

You should include following sections in your document

◦      Abstract: Describe the problem and the solution you presenting (few lines)

◦      Introduction:  In this section, you will introduce the project and the objectives of the project including executive summary.

◦      Requirement Analysis: In this section, you will discuss the requirement

◦      Design:  You need diagrams, charts, pics, etc..

◦      Implementation: diagrams, charts, and possibly screen shots

◦      Testing (optional):  You can present your data testing in this section

◦      Cost analysis:  Estimated cost (you can use the internet to get pricing).  Make sure to include labor cost in your analysis.

◦      Conclusion: Summary, lesson learned, future work, etc..

◦      References, citations and biblography




Upon arriving to your department today at 8 AM, notice of a mandatory staff meeting beginning at 9 AM is announced. The usual talk about what it could be about ensues.

At 9 AM, everyone files into the meeting room where Fire Chief Williams begins the meeting. “Today, I am holding a special meeting to announce the creation of a new position within our department—assistant fire chief of administration, and the person in this position will deal with all personnel matters within the department. This position will report directly to me and will be filled internally. With the help of a few other local fire chiefs from around the state, I have created the requirements that we will be looking for within our interviews. Everyone is encouraged to apply. If you have further questions, please let me know. As you leave, please pick up the paper with the requirements listed. Thank you.”

As you exit the meeting and pick up the requirements paper, you begin to look it over. The criteria below will be evaluated within the review. (Note: It is asked that you use your current or a past department’s requirements when answering the criteria below to incorporate personal experience. If you do not belong to a fire department, work with your local department, or research specific fire department policies or programs dealing with these topics online.)

Identify how your personal personnel management plan has helped you to prepare for the upcoming interview. Which aspects of the exam/interview do you feel the most and least confident about? Why?
Elaborate on social media use, cultural diversity, and motivation levels within the department as they are a major responsibility of this new position.

Prepare a plan of action to address the policies in place surrounding each of the above (social media use, cultural diversity, and motivation levels), along with your ideas on how to improve upon them to make the department more unified, thus making it a better place to work.

Your assignment must be at least three pages in length but no more than five, and this is not counting the title and reference pages. You must follow APA guidelines throughout. Also, you must include at least two outside references, one of which can be the textbook.


You must follow APA guidelines throughout.

Ethics – 2 Page Paper

2 Pages Addressing the Following

1. Summarize the article and align it with the author’s main point.

2. How does this article contribute to contemporary thinking about business ethics?

3. How can you apply information in this article to your field?

4. How did this article fit your ethical view?

our response should be a minimum of 2 double-spaced pages not including the title and reference pages.

Referenced sources must have accompanying citations complying with APA guidelines. References should include at minimum 1) one of the required reading articles and 2) an additional scholarly reviewed article.

Format the article review in accordance with APA style.