Topic: Tape A Conversation With Some Of Your Friends Talking About Race, Or Gender. Examine The Talk For Indexicality And Negotiations Regarding Race


Topic: Tape a conversation with some of your friends talking about race, or gender. Examine the talk for indexicality and negotiations regarding race.




analyze a piece of data in a way that you contribute to a larger conversation in the field of race, language and ethnicity..


Your term paper should be a well-written, well-organized analysis in which you consistently address a research question or a set of research questions, or an analytic purpose of some sort. The paper should include the following sections:


Length: 8-10 pages with an appendix of your data


  1. Introduction (to topic and research question)
  2. Literature Review(a review of the sources related to your topic and that helped you formulate your topic) – three (2) to four (3) pages; Minimum: 2 outside sources and 2 in class sources; Summarize and relate to your topic
  • Subjects and Methodology
  1. Analysis and Findings: Describe any patterns that you find
  2. Discussion and Conclusion — two (2) to four (4) pages
  3. References (include at least five (5) for undergrads
  • Transcript or Text

REQUIREMENTS: Page numbers, Title, APA in-text citations, minimum 8 examples





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