Animation research

Final Research Paper instruction:

Students will write a 7-8 page formal, academic essay with a developed thesis statement on a specific film (or films/media objects), studio, artist, topic, or issue in animation. Students may choose to write about a film or other media object seen outside of class (subject to the approval of the course instructor).

Your essay must:

– use a theoretical and/or historical concept(s)/text(s) to illuminate a film(s), filmmaker(s), film movement(s), technique(s), genre, or some other phenomenon in animation, AND/OR

– use history/criticism of a film(s), filmmaker(s), film movement(s), techniques(s), genre, or some other animation phenomenon to illuminate a theoretical and/or historical concept(s)/ text(s)

– use a minimum of THREE relevant sources (readings) assigned in class AND reference at least TWO ADDITIONAL SCHOLARLY SOURCES (academic articles, book chapters, etc.)

• The focus of your essay should be on animation theory, history, and/or criticism

• This is a course about animation, so you MUST address the role(s) of animation as, alternatively or in any combination, a technology, methodology, aesthetic, ideology, genre, mode, and/or authorial signature

Attached Files: readings assigned in class & guidelines for proposal

The proposal has no clear thesis. You can use this or re-write.

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