Article review – philosophy

Read the articles and answer 3 questions in 1 paragraph for each one.
1.What did you learn about the connection between abundance, hunger, and obesity from this reading? Why if we have more food than ever, do we also have more hunger? And if we have more hunger, why more obesity?
2. Next, how often do you think about your coffee? In this response, discuss what the story about coffee production tells us about a global marketplace, corporate influence on coffee production/consumption, consumption in cities, and the impact on coffee farmers. What stood out to you the most in the story about coffee farmers and why? Explain.
3. Finally, a short story. Last year I went to Whole Foods to buy shrimp for my family for dinner. But I couldn’t do it. It was distributed from Thailand and there was no way to confirm whether it was initially caught by slaves. I can’t believe we even have to consider whether our food is connected to a labor situation based on slavery and indentured servitude. The reports that I’ve given you to read this week about shrimping were developed out of years of research and investigation, and it led to global awareness about a crisis in the food global system. But much of the “news” we get on social media and cable news is sensationalist and doesn’t stem from researched reporting. We all know we’re experiencing a “fake news” crisis today. I think this is a real problem, considering what investigations can unearth and how it can help social justice issues. Can you tell the difference between investigative journalism and more sensationalist or superficial news? Give an example. Then, let’s hear your thoughts–what did you think about these particular articles on the shrimping industry?

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