Find one example of something going wrong, something unethical or just bad happening. Examples should come from a major American newspaper or business magazine-The New York Times, The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal; others might be acceptable, check with me. Examples from non-English-language sources are o.k. too. Examples must have been published within the last 12 months.
A. Briefly describe the example, and use the material from the Bazerman and Tenbrunsel paper, “Ethical breakdowns” to explain what happened.
B. Could the problem be addressed (prevented or fixed after-the-fact) using the material from Tyler, Dienhart, and Thomas’s account of procedural justice (in “The ethical commitment to compliance”)-how, or why not?
For example-and you can’t use this example-the bank Wells Fargo was found to have opened accounts that customers didn’t want, generating revenue from fees; this could be explained with reference to Bazerman and Tenbrunsel’s conception of ill-conceived goals. I don’t think the Tyler, Dienhart, and Thomas material could be used to prevent the problem, but once made public-the deception would destroy management legitimacy and have a number of consequences they note.

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