Final analysis paper

Using at least three class readings and concepts presented in lecture develop an
analysis of the relationship between language, thought, and media in human
communication. You can focus on the topics and issues related to language
acquisition, linguistic relativity, sign systems, sign languages, metaphors and
cultural models, embodied thinking and extended mind, narrative, translation,
literacy, film, radio, life in the virtual worlds, digital games, human–computer
communication, and gender. Make sure to present and discuss examples from the
readings, lecture, and/or your own experience to support your argument.
Final papers must be 1300 – 1450 words long (about five double-spaced pages),
properly referenced, include works cited, in double-space, 12 point font Times New
Roman, and one-inch margins.

Chukovsky, “Linguistic Genius”
Cole, Cole, Lightfoot, “Language Acquisition”
Gumperz and Levinson, “Introduction to Linguistic Determinism”

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