Are people becoming less social because of social media?

this is a 2 part assignment all instructions attached please read carefully & follow instructions

Essay #1 will be a medium essay 500 word minimum

topic-  Are people becoming less social because of social media?

part 2 essay #2 350 to 500 words companion narrative  that explains the rhetorical choices (strategies, appeals, and devices) you have made in order to appeal to your audience. In your narrative, you should state your purpose, stance, and define your context. You should also explain how you used specific rhetorical devices and strategies in order to make ethical, emotional, and/or logical appeals to your audience. You should be able to demonstrate how you used the tool or method of communication (Medium) and design rhetorically in order to connect with your audience to achieve your purpose. This portion of your assignment allows you to reflect upon and justify the rhetorical choices you made in the Medium essay. MLA format

You will submit two things for this assignment: a link to your published Medium essay AND a Word, Rich Text, or PDF document as a companion narrative.

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